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The staff of Orthopedic Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic-wellness and movement studio.



With a background in gymnastics, karate, competitive ballroom dancing, and snowboarding, Miho has personal experience with the art of movement. She believes in wellness and health and the distinction between being healthy and free of disease. She wants to support her patients and help them expand their knowledge on what it truly means to be healthy by being able to live your fullest life and not just being tired after a full day of work. Miho nourishes herself through snowboarding and exploring sustainably sourced food.

Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Psychology, SUNY Binghamton
Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Southern California


Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, American Physical Therapy Association
Jones Institute Fascial Counterstrain Teaching Assistant
Counterstrain Academy Teaching Assistant
Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation Teaching Assistant

Member of the American Physical Therapy Association
-Orthopedic Section, Performing
Arts Special Interest Group
-Sports Physical Therapy Section

Fiona Malamen graduated from Columbia Greene Community College's Massage Therapy program in 2006. Committed to healing and restoring homeostasis, she fosters a collaborative partnership that prioritizes deep listening. After earning a degree in Biology and Psychology from SUNY New Paltz, Fiona embraced the osteopathic Counterstrain modality, focusing on the indirect approach for effective pain relief. Influences from dance, Eastern medicine, and self-compassionate healing shaped her perspective. Beyond her healing work, Fiona finds humility in gardening, foraging, and hiking the Catskill peaks, which offer both pleasure and perspective.

We don’t live our lives in a straight line but in cycles, in ups and downs, moments of clarity and truth or confusion and distress. I hold a safe space for healing and the recovery of homeostasis, the body’s ‘happy place’.

Functional Manual Therapy, Institute of Physical Art

SUNY New Paltz, B.S. Psychology/Biology

SUNY Columbia-Greene, A.S. Psychology / Biology

Pursuing education in Fascial Counterstrain through the Jones Institute

Chutima Phanpho, a physical therapist and counterstrain specialist at Orthopedic Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic movement and wellness studio.




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Chutima believes the mind and the body need to be connected. When they disconnect, it will likely lead us to sickness. She wants her patients to understand that pain is not a bad thing but rather, a signal or a warning sign that needs to be addressed. She encourages people she treats to have a better relationship with their pain, bring them back to their physical body and have a better understanding where the pain is coming from, getting to the root of the problem and not just the musculoskeletal issues that our bodies go through. Chutima is highly skilled in listening to the body and addressing where the lesion of the problem is, which can come from other systems such as the visceral system, immune system, nervous system etc. Her patients have taken to calling her the “Body whisperer”. She is really grateful to family and her mentors for believing in her inner potential as a facilitator who encourages self-correction physically and emotionally. Chutima is also an illustrator and loves to draw anatomy as a way of her learning process. She loves to play guitar, make origami and jewelry and is the proud mother of her daughter, Boone.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Mahidol University, Thailand

Diploma of Manipulative Physical Therapy, Mahidol University, Thailand

Master of Pathokinesiology, New York University, New York  

Barral Institute Visceral and Neural Manipulation

Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release, Upledger Institute

Pelvic Floor, Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute

Lymphatic Drainage, Chicky Institute 

Founder of Proactiv unit affiliating with PK Physical Therapy clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

Masumi Kishimoto - Alexander Technician and specialist at Orthopedica Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic movement and wellness studio..




  • @masdorian
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Looking to avoid surgery after sustaining an injury from dancing, Masumi found the Alexander Technique method and was able to heal within six months. She decided to teach the method to better help people who are struggling physically because of their injuries. Masumi encourages her patients/students to know that the mind and body is connected and believes that the Alexander Technique method is a practical way to bring awareness to it. She wishes for her students to have confidence, happiness, relief and a little bit more energy after each session. Masumi nourishes herself through traveling, drawing, and painting.

Nationally Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, AmSAT, ACAT


Kashimi Asai - Yoga and Pilates instructor at Orthopedica Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic movement and wellness studio..





  • @kashimigram

Upon seeing a musical on TV when she was 8 years old, Kashimi found her calling and started taking acting lessons in Japan at 9 years old. Kashimi had a knee injury as a teenager and was recommended for a body conditioning and pilates class by her dance teacher. She was very impressed by how it made her body feel. After healing from her injury, she got her pilates certification and gained a deeper understanding of anatomy and movement. Kashimi got her yoga certification and realized the depth of what it can offer. She nourishes herself through playing drums, singing, and dancing. Through her experience with multiple injuries, Kashimi fully understands what her patients are going through and, in turn, helps them better. Kashimi wants her students/patients to feel empowered and encouraged.


Shawa school of performing arts, Tokyo, Japan

Pilates Basic Mat (PMA) certificationYoga Alliance

RYT 200 Vinyasa Yoga InstructorYoga Alliance

RYT 85 Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Jasmine Bues - Meditation and Aromatherapy Instructor at Orthopedica Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic movement and wellness studio..




Jasmine Bues is a NAHA®-certified clinical aromatherapist, MNDFL®-certified meditation instructor, and the owner of an aromatherapy brand called Madison + Green. She is passionate about helping people heal their minds through meditation and inhalation of essential oils, and offers weekly classes called Inhale, Be Well that combines both healing methods. She also offers bespoke aromatherapy experiences for those interested in incorporating aromatherapy into their everyday lives.

Qualified as a NAHA® Certified Level II Clinical Aromatherapist in 2020. In the same year, she and her mother established an aromatherapy brand called "Madison + Green" with the desire to relieve people's stress with aromatherapy. In 2021, received guidance from Re. angel Kyodo Williams from MNDFL® and acquired a meditation instructor qualification. From 2023, we will start the “Inhale, Be Well” class, which combines aromatherapy and meditation.

Navitha Edmond, a personal trainer at OMPTNY




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Navitha rediscovered her passion for movement when she started managing Yoga Movement in Singapore in 2013. Being in an environment where wellness was fostered allowed her to return to her body. As she strengthened her body through yoga, she started branching out into functional fitness. As she progressed, the people around her noticed the positive changes both to her body and energy levels, and began to ask her what she was doing that caused such drastic changes. While she knew what worked for her body, Navitha did not feel qualified to give advice to others, but she still wanted to help. This is what inspired her to become an ACE certified personal trainer. After acquiring her accreditations, she started training others in a positive and inclusive environment, as she aims to meet people where they are at, regardless of where they are in their journey. After a back injury unrelated to her fitness regimen, she shifted her focus to recovery and restorative programs, and went on to complete a course in pain free movement. She understands that we have one body in our lifetime, and we need to do as much as we can to honor and protect it to ensure the best quality of life as we continue to age. She hopes to be of service to her community by helping others feel able, confident, and comfortable in their own bodies for a long time to come.


Navitha loves traveling, and has lived in New Zealand, China, The Czech Republic, Zambia and Singapore and is now loving her time in New York.  When she is not working, she enjoys discovering new places and experiences with friends both old and new, and when the activity permits it, her dog Cali joins them too! She also loves playing guitar, singing, and creating art.

BFA Fine Arts, La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore

ACE Certification: Personal Trainer 

ACE Certification: Group Fitness Trainer

ACE:  Pain Free Movement

ACE: Weight Management

Rie Sasaki - Receptionist at Orthopedica Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic movement and wellness studio.


Rie grew up active and did a lot of sports from snowboarding to salsa. She got into an accident that broke her lumbar spine and compromised her knee. Refusing surgery as the first choice, she began to explore other modes of healing instead such as pilates, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Pilates and physical therapy helped her the most to recover. Rie enjoys talking to patients before and after their treatment sessions. She encourages them that yes, it will get better. Before working with OMPT, Rie used to be the editor and chief of Y’s Publishing and was a correspondent that led her to travel a lot in South America.

Journalism, Tokai University, Tokyo, Japan

Masters in International Relations, City College, The City University of New York

Mayuna Richter - Billing Manager at Orthopedica Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic movement and wellness studio.



When Mayuna first moved to the United states, she found the healthcare system challenging to understand. Her goal is to be able to explain to patients the ins and outs of insurance as simply as possible and know they are well taken care of. She believes that everyone deserves an excellent level of care regardless of their insurance type. Mayuna takes care of herself by taking long walks, binge watching tv shows and playing with her dog.


Hokusei Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan
Pursuing education in Medical Billing and Coding

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