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Masumi Kishimoto giving a class on Alexandter Technique at Orthopedic Movement Physical Therapy, a holistic wellness and movement studio.


what is alexander technique all about?

When we go about our daily business without consciousness of the body, the various stresses and strains that occur day after day can begin to take a physical toll before we know it. F.M. Alexander looked carefully at the unconscious habits that take this toll, and in so doing, he discovered a method for moving freely while comfortably maintaining a healthy posture, by addressing the disconnect between mind and body.

By re-learning everyday movement such as sitting, standing, and walking with the Alexander Technique, you release the reflexive tensions that occur during movement, and enable your body to recall its inherent ability to coordinate itself. As this approach becomes the basis for all movement, it can be applied to a variety of situations, from everyday things like posture and walking, to sports, to performing arts contexts such as dance, theater, and music. In much the same way that a newborn baby learns how to use the body and grows, we also can consciously learn this technique tailored to the body’s natural workings.

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